Harry's Coloring Corner

One of Harry the Book Hound's favorite activities is coloring! Enjoy some of Harry's favorite coloring books and discover a universe of wonder and fun. New coloring books will be added so make sure to visit Harry's Coloring Corner again soon!

Adventures in Space Adventures in Space: Explore the galaxy as you travel to distant planets and stars!

Dinosaur Planet Dinosaur Planet: Discover the many creatures of the prehistoric era!

Floral Fantasy PDF iconFloral Fantasy: Partake in several floral patterns and arrangements!

Delightful Desserts PDF iconDelightful Desserts: Feast your eyes on these delectable treats!

Geometric Patterns PDF iconGeometric Patterns: Enjoy an assortment of geometric shapes and patterns!

Animal Kingdom PDF iconAnimal Kingdom: Join us on a safari as we discover the many creatures of the animal kingdom!

Llama Coloring Book PDF iconLlama Coloring Book

Alphabet Food Coloring Book PDF iconAlphabet Food Coloring Book

Hot Air Balloons PDF iconHot Air Balloons

Fairy Tales Coloring Book PDF iconFairy Tales

Pattern Coloring Book PDF iconPattern Coloring Book

Mindful Affirmations Coloring PDF iconMindful Affirmations