Excitement and adventure is only a phone call away! A service of the Clarksburg-Harrison and Bridgeport Public Libraries, Dial-A-Story offers patrons the opportunity to call in and listen to a variety of stories, poems, songs and more! Provided below are the current listening options for you to enjoy. Check back periodically for new content or call Dial-A-Story at (304) 931-7080. Enjoy!

1. Children's Short Story: Why The Evergreen Trees Never Lose Their Leaves

2. Children's Long Story: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - Chapter Eleven

3. Children's Poem: My Shadow

4. Children's Jokes

5. A Story in Spanish | Una historia en español: Annabel Lee

6. Short Story: Hearts and Hands

7. Long Story: Jane Eyre - Chapter Three

8. Poem: Winter Branches

9. Local Stories & Authors: Housecalls in the Hills: Memoirs of a Country Doctor - Chapter Twelve

10. Relaxation Station: Tension Release Meditation