Book discussion on Kettle Bottom by Diane Gilliam Fisher.

Summary by Amazon: "Based on the historical and social events of the West Virginia coal mine wars of 1920-1921, Kettle Bottom imagines the stories of miners, their wives, children, sisters, and mothers; of mountaineers, Italian immigrants, and Black families. These people organized for safe working conditions in opposition to the mine company owners and their agents. Fisher listened closely and the result is a book of vivid, rhythmic, heartfelt poems that address a violent time with honesty, levity, and compassion. Kettle Bottom is about how a community lived in the presence of constant danger and the choices the residents made. These are people to look to today.”

Pick up your copy on or after October 13 at the library's patron window.

Discussion held in the upstairs meeting room. 

For ages 19+.

Meeting also available by Zoom, will receive invitation link in email after you register.

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