The Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library Author Series returns for the 2023 season with a Children’s Book Writing Workshop on Thursday, March 2. The workshop features local speaker, poet, blogger, and children’s author Deborah Ann Martin. Attendees can expect a Q&A type session with a book signing to follow. This will also be available by Zoom.

Deborah Ann Martin, author of Farmer Girl, Love and Heartache Moments, and Loving Moments, gains her inspiration from the crazy events of her life and the life she observes around her. She earned her MBA during her unique career path. She is a veteran and is currently working as a Software Admin. Her unique work and life have given her the knowledge and inspiration to write.

The Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library Author Series is sponsored by the Cultural Foundation of Harrison County and the Friends of Clarksburg-Harrison Public Library.


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