Color With Me is a program for the ages 5-10. This program is great for after school where a child just can unwind and calm themselves. Come in the kids area and  find a coloring book and color. Coloring book, coloring pages, markers, colored pencils and crayons will be provided. Your child must wear a mask and registration is required. Any questions or concerns feel free to contact Ms. Erica at 3046272236 ext 114. 

The effects of coloring for kids: Coloring in coloring books helps to promote fine motor development and eye-hand coordination. Most activities in an early childhood program help to promote these two areas of development...putting pegs in pegboards, stringing wooden beads, putting together puzzles, building with blocks, using crayons, markers and paintbrushes, drawing, sketching, writing and the list goes on. Children will engage in many constructive and developmentally appropriate activities that will promote eye-hand coordination and fine-motor development. 

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