Constellation Search Part. If you register for this program you must register for Part II. This is event is held in the childrens area of the library. This event is for kids ages 5-10 and it starts at 11-12pm. Daytime Particpants will creat constellation cards to use as a guide for finding constellations with their families at night.  Part II will begin at your home on or you can look through your telescope at home. Using stellarium make sure it's completely dark outside. This part is left for you to do with instructions by Miss Erica.  The Night time program consists of paifrticipants who  will either create or use their premade cards to find constellations. We will sky view and see if we see any constellations that were made. Remeber if you sign up for this program there are two parts a morning part and evening. Registration is required . Any questions or concerns please feel free to call me at 3046272236 ext 114. 

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