Eat Your Enemies!

Join us for December's Family Game Night featuring all your holiday favorites! Challenge your loved ones to festive trivia questions, travel the globe with Buddy the Elf, and eat your enemies with the night's featured game, Gingerbread Kaiju.

Gingerbread Kaiju is a none-too-serious board game where each player takes on the role of a kaiju, a giant monster of incredible destructive force, that happens to be made entirely of gingerbread. As anyone who has seen a Godzilla or Gamera movie will tell you, kaiju do not generally get along very well . . . and they ALL hate Tokyo!

In this game, your kaiju will smash up the city to gather power, then unleash this confectionary wrath on the other monsters in hopes of destroying them all and being crowned the King of the Kaiju!

Light snacks are provided. 

All ages are invited to attend. Program will be held on the second floor of the library.

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