Ready To Write is for ages 3-5 and is from 10:00-11:00

Ready to Write is geared to preschool and pre k. 

There will be different station designed to help preschoolers practice pre writing skills. Preschoolers will develop their hand strength and fine motor coordination with these actvties and be well on their way using their voices to share words and stories. 

Collage Art provides lots of pieces of scrap paper for preschoolers to tear apart and glue to a large sheet of paper, creating their own unique art creations. 

Dough station Preschoolers can roll out the dough with tehir hands and make snakes and even practice their letters

Lacing station -Provides a place for preschoolers to practice lacing actvties. 

Pop pom sort preschoolers will sort the pop poms by their colors

Salt tray writing We will use salt or rice and with our fingers we will draw letters or lines

Trace lines there will be all kinds of different lines from zig zags, squiggles, swirls, straight lines. 

Registration is required

Any questions please feel free to contact me at 3046272236 ext 114

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