What is Junior Friends?

A student library service organization for tweens and teens ages 11-18 under the supervision of the Programming and Marketing Coordinator.

What is the purpose?

To promote the library and assist with carrying out the mission of the library through various volunteer roles.

What are the requirements?

  • Be in the age range of 11-18

  • Be respectful of all library rules & library materials

  • Be dependable & on-time

  • Promote the library in a positive manner

What are the benefits of being a Junior Friend?

  • Attend Jr. Friends’ only events:  yearly volunteer appreciation party, special movie night, etc.

  • Volunteer hours can be counted towards school community service hours like National Honor Society & service clubs, scouting, scholarship requirements, and can be listed as an extracurricular activity on applications & resumes.

  • Improves leadership skills and can receive letter of recommendation for job/scholarship/college.